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Totes with Tales — Nancy Roy, Designer

After a lifelong career as an educator, Nancy Roy retired to follow her passion for creating— primarily with her sewing machine.


Sewing is part of Nancy's heritage. Her maternal grandmother sewed the family's clothes, and her mother carried on the tradition. Nancy's father also added to her creative development… he designed and manufactured signs, and taught Nancy how to create from concept to finished product using her imagination.


The family's practical philosophy of "waste not, want not" influenced Nancy's desire to create "recycled" totes by turning tangible bits and pieces of people's lives into totes which are functional as well as beautiful.


Nancy brings her compassionate nature to every project. She understands the priceless connection between people and how wonderful memories can reside in physical items from the tales of our lives. Nancy helps to keep these precious memories strong, close to your heart, and resilient throughout the years in her

Totes with Tales™ one-of-a-kind bags.




Totes with Tales — Nancy's parent's wedding photo.
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