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Although things are quiet in the press, my sewing machine is humming!! When the needle stops and I take a break, I'll be creating a blog as I ponder the greater pressing questions of life... well at least my life! Like taking apart some of these clothes and finding gorgeous tailor tacks and no one around to appreciate the workmanship of this handmade jacket. Or finding a thrift store of horse paraphernalia (making a tote from a horse blanket) in the same space as a quilt shop!! In the meantime, while you wait for my words, check out all that is on this page. And please let me know if you'd like to be on my mailing list. I promise I will not share your info. 

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Classic 1970's kids and car


"Your tote bags led Cathy to talk with joy about her mother for the first time since her mother died. Your creative talent engenders not only meaningfully beautiful works of art but also the very restoration of harmony that the Navajos say is why each is given her individual talents. Your process and its many layers couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Nancy Marashio


"Amazing! Love the tote.You are truly a creative genius."

Kelli Hagan


“Words cannot express how deeply touched I will always be by the Totes with Tales™ experience you made happen for me and my family. The giant tote that utilizes my Mom's old green bathrobe,  her plaid vest, the buttons from her wedding shower dress, the dining room tablecloth from my childhood home, one of her handstitched samplers, and the aspen leaf from my father-daughter trip, along with the buttons from my Dad's navy uniform, is so beautifully made, so thoughtfully conceived, so full of happy memories, it brings tears to my eyes. It is a treasure.  …a huge hit, with everyone quite impressed with Nancy Roy's inventiveness and the obvious tenderness and kindness she took with the materials.

Cathy Feeney


"Like the velveteen rabbit, my tote gets more worn and loved each day."

Deb Barac


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